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NAA, is recognized by ACISC™ | The Accrediting Council of international Schools & Colleges

Our Highly competent and qualified faculty members inspire thousands of students each year with their knowledge


 It provides students with necessary knowledge and skills using scientific principles.

Business & Management

 It prepares students to oversee, manage and develop a broad understanding of business organizations and their systems.

Computer Science

 It is the study of computer technology and you will learn how to develop secure, reliable and create innovative applications.

Natural Sciences

It focuses on the studies of science that is all around us and help us in understanding the material around us as well.

Health Sciences

 Health sciences program allows you to develop the skills and tools you need to help individuals live longer.

Law & Legal Studies

 This program stimulate critical thinking, understanding of and inquiry, historical dynamics and cultural aspect of law.




Obtain degree in the field of your interest whenever you want and open the doors of success in your life.


Our faculties are highly qualified and experienced who have several years of practical experience in their field. Faculty members at Nexus American Academy | E-University are committed to excellence in research and education.


Your search for best university ends here, as Nexus American Academy | E-University is ranked 4th among the top online universities of the world and accredited with recognized educational bodies.


We have achieved higher ranking among various online universities by providing quality education, innovative learning and growth opportunities to students.



increasing Indigenous leadership

Well over two-thirds of Canada’s universities are working to include Indigenous representation within their governance or leadership structures.



Indigenizing research

Two-thirds of universities are incorporating Indigenous knowledge, methods, and protocols into research and teaching policies, programs and practices.



offer intercultural engagement

Seventy-eight percent of universities promote intercultural engagement through cultural activities, events, talking circles and cultural competency or reconciliation training.



do community outreach

More than two-thirds of Canadian universities reach out to prospective Indigenous students to inform them of available services, programs and supports.

Academic Programs

Get enrolled in a degree program and accomplish your dream goals by gaining knowledge and expertise from world-class university.


Nexus American Academy | E-University has been established to provide quality education to students living in any part of the world.

Shaping The Future

Innovative Ideas Stylish Designs

Nexus American Academy | E-University is one of the leading online university that is offering astounding academics, distinguished offers and online education for students and professionals around the globe. Our University offers an essential experience for online students who enroll with the university to learn and advance their professional careers. The university has a wide scope of a testimony to its strengths, revolutionary in online education with nearly 210 plus major courses, 18 varied fields of study, and we have around more than a million alumni in 148 different countries, and we have renowned faculties from more than 186 countries. Our students, faculty members, and alumni are continuously looking for ways to bring a drastic change in different parts of the world and making it a better place to live. Nexus American Academy | E-University is a pioneer in the advanced way of the online education management system, changing learning experiences, in and out of the class and making graduates who are seeking to make a substantial impact. Right from the beginning, by advancing higher education to fit the needs of today’s students and professionals, Nexus American Academy | E-University confirms that students are staying abreast of the new technologies other professional requirements that they can possibly face in professional life.

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